lördag 26 februari 2011


Tänk om jag ändå kunnat hänga med systrarna till Live & Jive - International Rock'n'Roll Festival! ikväll. Det låter vansinnigt kul med the Dragtones (US/SWE) - This savage outfit featuring members from 
The Hives, Hi-Winders, Barbwires, and Luis & The Wildfires are a killer no-holds, 
pedal to the metal, fuel injected, turbo charged Rock'n'Roll band at its best!
The Caezars (UK) - The latest rockabilly sensation to hit the nation! These guys take 
no prisoners and deliver their music sharper than a cut throat razor.
The Wild Goners (France) – amazing savage rockabilly “top notch band with lots of 
releases, have been touring all over the world”
Li’l Linn & The Lookout Boys (Sweden) – Top selling female western swing / hillbilly 

“extremely popular outfit, always on high demand”The Troubled Three (Sweden) – new 
wild rockabilly trio “a new wild chapter in Swedish rockabilly history has been opened”
Plus!  The Battle of the DeeJays

Kolla smakprov här! Hoppas Systrar Ystra får kul och ser ut lite så
här ungefär:
nåja, det skulle jag velat göra i a f!

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